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2023 Spring Events

Mt Charleston South Loop Water Haul

mid July or mid August 2023

This will be a single day water haul for the Friends of Nevada Wilderness trail crew. We need to get four 20 liter jugs of water up to the South Loop ridge. More details will be available after the specific date has been selected.

Eldorado Canyon Ride & BBQ April 1, 2023


This will be a single day ride followed by a BBQ meal. Nothing like riding Eldorado Canyon with the spring flowers in bloom.  

We will meet at coordinates  35.7112489 - 114.8065335.

Be in the saddle ready to ride out at 10am. Horsemen may want to arrive Friday and overnight just for the fun of it. More details as we get closer to the date.

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Pine Creek Gravel Haul

Saturday, February 25, 2023 7am

POSTPONED by Bureau of Land Management

  • Participants will meet in the Red Rock Loop Exit parking lot at 7am. 

  • Riders will bring their own mount capable of leading a loaded pack mule on multiple round trips to Pine Canyon in Red Rock.

  • Loaders, dumpers and stock holders are also needed and do not require bringing your own mount. These activities are on the ground and are essential to the project completion.

    Please let us know you are going to participate and in what role by emailing or sending a text to Rick at 702 232-7387. This will allow us to balance the manpower over the multiple tasks. You must be a 2023 dues paid member to participate. 













Snowy Trail Ride. Saturday January 7, 2023

Postponed due to Snow Melt

There is snow on the southwest mountains in Mountain Springs and more on the way Thursday. By Saturday highway 160 should be completely clear making mountain access easy for vehicles and trailers. This is an opportunity to have you and your horse experience riding on snow covered trails. 


The tentative plan for Saturday is to meet at the Maverick Ranch and be mounted up and trailing out at 11am. We will trail ride through the forest and mountain meadows for one to three hours, depending on what the group wants to do. Rick will lead the ride because he knows where the trails are even under snow. Upon arriving back at Maverick Ranch we will provide the horses with alfalfa/orchard mix feed and water while we all spend some time in the ranch house with something warm to eat and drink. I can't think of a better way to start my new horse year than this!!



What: BCBCH Snow Trail Ride and Get Together

Who: Back Country Horsemen Members in Good Standing. (2023 Dues Paid), or pay when you get here.

Where: Maverick Ranch, 9570 Mule Deer Drive, Mountain Springs, NV 89161

When: January 7, 2023, Appx 10am to 4pm

Attire: Dress really warm. Insulated pants, heavy coat or duster, layers, hat, warm gloves, wool socks.

Parking: Limited. RSVP highly recommended. Depending on your trailer size and truck drive train you will either come all the way up to the ranch or park 1/4 mile away on the access road adjacent to highway 160.

Contact: Rick Schmalz, 702 232-7387,

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Pine Creek Canyon Update

During a recent phone conversation with our local BLM Representative John Allen discovered the following:

There have been some concerns that changes may be in the wind to change equestrian access to BLM areas, especially in Red Rock.

1st, there was a notice about The Harris Springs area that had been burned over in the Carpenter one fire and has not yet recouped, mainly due to lack of rain. As a result the closure will continue.


2nd, some riders reported that they were told that they could not ride the Pine Creek canyon trail in Red Rock. Investigation shows that this trail has been closed to equestrian use, due to the high amount of foot traffic, for at least 7-8 years. But there was no direction specific to that trail given. So, we need to honor that for now.


3rd, They announced decisions for public comment coming this month. These were based on a previous meeting (ZOOM) which I attended last year with the result in no changes to equestrian use in the Calico Basin areas. As well as no additional bike trails. What we will see is the construction of a paved jogging path paralleling Hwy 159 from Charleston Ave. to Hwy 160. I have invited Josh to attend a meeting with BCHA in January so our members can get 1st hand info and make suggestions .


BCHNVB Past President   John Allen

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