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BCHNBC Board & Member Meetings 

When: 6pm -  June 15
Where: The Shop, 7120 W. Landberg Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89178

Topics: Varies by meeting


Escalante Mountains Campout & Rides

Friday, June 23 through Monday June 26, 2023

Group Rides on Saturday & Sunday


Horse Creek is a canyon on the western rim of the Aquarius Plateau, which is the highest timber plateau in North America at ~11,000 ft. This part of the plateau is called the ‘Escalante Mountains’ on most maps, albeit located much closer to Bryce Canyon than the town of Escalante. Most of the trails along Horse Creek and surrounding forest are dirt with some cobbles. For those seeking rock, side trails find various routes through 2,000 foot limestone walls carved out of the same formation as Bryce Canyon. From basecamp, we will ride through piñon-juniper that has largely been shattered by a Forest Service mastication project, up into Ponderosa pine forest, then spruce and aspen mixed with fir, and bristlecone.


Our basecamp and parking area for large rigs will be a flat circle at the bottom of Horse Creek on Dixie NF at ~7,700 ft. Smaller rigs that can handle ditches may find camping areas farther up the canyon. (FYI, parking/camping in a particular spot is limited to 14 days on Dixie NF.) The Lee family’s Horse Creek Ranch is located a few miles up the road and we will truck spring water from the ranch to keep stock tanks and trailer/camper tanks filled at the basecamp and at other campsites. Wifi, phone charging, and an outhouse are available at our off-grid cabin. When riding through our ranch, use gates located off to to the side of Horse Creek Road, which is impassable due to cattle guards.


When: June 23 through June 26 2023. Come for all or just a couple days

Time: Please RSVP to let us know so that water will be available. A barbecue dinner will be held at the basecamp ~7-9 PM on Friday 23 June. A mounted breakfast will be hosted at Horse Creek Ranch at 9:00 AM on Saturday 24 June and 9:00 AM on Sunday 25 June. ***These breakfast meetings are required for anyone joining a group ride on that day.***

Where: Meet at Horse Creek turnout 37.87681,-11195988

What: Daily rides on the Griffon Top and Horse Creek segments of the Great Western Trail (mostly non-motorized) and adjacent trails.

Cost: Free. 

Stalls Available: A limited number of corral panel stalls (12’x12') are available 23-26 June and can be reserved in advance for $100. The panels will be set up near your trailer and broken down when you leave. Contact David to reserve.

Open To: Members only. You can join through our website at   

RSVP & Questions: Please contact David Lee ( to let us know you are coming, as well as some information about the size of your rig, number of horses/mules, and likely arrival date/time as known.


Welcome  /  About Us
We are the Bristlecone Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Nevada.  Our organization is one of three Nevada chapters in the Back Country Horsemen of America, a national non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to keeping trails open to pack and saddle stock on our public lands. The Bristlecone Chapter works closely with federal, state and local conservation and land management agencies to build, maintain, and protect wilderness and recreational trails for all users.

The Bristlecone Chapter of Back Country Horsemen of Nevada, a local chapter of the national Back Country Horsemen of America, is located in southern Nevada and has members from Pahrump to Moapa.  


We are an IRS Sec. 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization and are can accept donations which may be tax deductible for the donor.  Just click on the JOIN / PAY DUES / DONATE button above.


Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Chapter's Facebook private group page for current information.

2023 Board of Directors

President - Jim Sage
Vice President - Robin Penrod
Secretary - Rick Schmalz
Treasurer - Janeen Landram
#1-John Allen   #2-Mike Flood
#3 David Lee            #4 TBD
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